Posted by Graham Johnstone for PDG Tim Moore.
We should be so proud of the work we do.
Although slow to start and many hardships confronted by our partner – the Rotary Club of West Cagayan de Oro over 4 years, our Rotary Foundation Global Grant has been completed.
You may recall the project, to provide 6 villages in the Philippines with clean water, by a sustainable clean water project. This involved our club donating almost $14,000A, matched by our District’s ‘District Designated Fund ‘(DDF) monies, and then the total matched by the Rotary Foundation to make a project of $32,000 US. ($42,000A).
Yes, it took a long time, a lot of work by some and enormous effort by our partner club, under duress from ISIS and more recently the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic. These villages were many days walk from the main town centre, with limited access by truck. The trusted Rotarians on the ground with the Balay Mindanao Foundation, Disaster Aid Australia and the Skyhydrant Foundation, ensured the success of this project.
Here is the opening of the final village. The photos show the signing off on the delivery and final installation – note the recognition of our club and our partners. This is a big deal to the villagers – to their health and safety. Apart from fencing off animals from water catchments, sanitary and hygiene courses have been conducted as an integral part of the project. In all, over 7,500 villagers now have access to clean water.
We look forward to our continued association with our partners and the great work that can be done through the Rotary Foundation. All of the money donated by our members, businesses and clubs to the Rotary Foundation comes back to our district for use locally and internationally according to what is given, providing we have the sustainable ideas to do good in the world.
Please let me know if you would like to be a part of the Club’s next Foundation project.
PDG Tim Moore
Club Foundation Chair 2021-22