Posted by Greg Lee on Aug 28, 2020

On 28th August 2020, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) released Step-by-Step Guides for individuals and families detailing basic cybersecurity instructions for specific software, applications and devices. The guides are available at
The ACSC provides cybersecurity advice to small businesses and individuals, and during unprecedented times where staff are encouraged to work from home, sometimes on their own devices, it is essential that basic security controls are in place. The “what” and “why” of cybersecurity is usually understood, but the “how” is often accompanied with a fear of opening and blindly navigating through the settings of a program or device.
Using instructions alongside screenshots, the ACSC’s Step-by-Step Guides demonstrate how more than 12 effective security controls – including automatic updates, backing up and restoring files, and multifactor authentication – for various platforms can be turned on in a matter of minutes. The ACSC walks readers through these settings and helps them significantly increase their cyber security.