Posted by Sam McCurdy
This year, two Presentation Balls were organised by the Rotary Club of Berwick and Berwick College for students in Years 11 and 12 at the College.  They were held at The Grand Reception in Cathies Lane, Wantirna on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th May.
The 2020 Presentation Balls had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, so it was awesome that this year’s could be held. It was a tribute to the courage and tenacity of the organisers that they managed to pull them together, despite ongoing fears of further COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.  In fact, some of the disappointed students unable to participate in last year’s cancelled Balls, were able to participate in these. 
Fifty couples were presented over the two nights.  Twenty-seven couples being presented to the Rotary Club of Berwick President, David Button and his wife Judy, at the Wednesday event and twenty-three couples presented to Principal Kerri Bolsch and President of School Council, Jarrod Flanagan, on Thursday evening.
In preparation for the Balls, the participants had undergone 10 weeks of intensive dance training to enable them to perform the Tango, Gipsy Tap, Merengue and the Progressive Jive.  Their performance of these dances was a joy to behold and delighted their dance teachers, Joanne Mills and Judy Blackhurst, as well as the large audience of parents, family and friends.
Photos provided courtesy of Sandi Tarant and Isobel Caulfield
In addition to performing the dances, the students enjoyed getting dressed up for the occasion.  It was amazing to witness the transformation of students in school uniform at training, to sophisticated young adults dancing at the Ball.
In summary, the 2021 Presentation Balls for the students at Berwick College were a big success and it is hoped that they can be repeated next year.
Our congratulations go to organisers, Isobel Caulfield and Peter Batterham, on a job well done.