August is Membership month

Well not really, every month is membership month! We need to have a conversation about membership!
Members of Rotary are the most important asset we have. A diverse range of members allows us to do a diverse range of activities, transfers a diverse range of skills and gives the opportunity for a diverse range of experiences. Members should not be just bums on seats. We need to have an active meaningful involvement within the Club, a purpose to fulfill and an expectation of satisfaction that what we are doing has meaning.
We should be actively seeking people who can help us achieve projects that our current skillset cannot. People who have projects or ideas that they cannot achieve alone. People who can contribute to our own well being by their very positive approach and sense of community. Rotary should be challenging, fun, and also have purpose, significance, fulfillment and satisfaction.
Find the right people and who knows what we can achieve! Every month is Membership Month. Right now, while we are on Zoom it is a perfect time to invite a friend or colleague to a meeting, show them our website, look us up on Facebook and show what we do.