Posted by David Button on Sep 05, 2020
This Wednesday we will have a chance to support a person who is out of work just because he works in an industry impacted by COVID restrictions. His name is Simon Paparo and he is a friend of Jen Marshall. Simon is a busker and was voted as the 3rd best busker in Melbourne which is a pretty big deal in this day and age.
Simon is an experiment! He is getting paid for his gig at the club and it is up to all of us to decide whether to support him or not. In fact, there are many more people and businesses that could do with a helping hand at the moment. Individually we are not much help, but together we are strong. We are strong when we have confidence in our club to produce a good night out and we can test that confidence by inviting our friends to be part of the experience. Our recent 'Guess who's coming to Dinner' event was also an experiment and we know we can pull a crowd if we work at it. See you all there.