Posted by Graham Johnstone From David Anderson.
Follow on from our virtual guest speaker, Daniel Flynn – Co-Founder Thank You
After our virtual presentation, members were divided into zoom rooms for discussions and a summary of their comments is recorded below. 
I sincerely hope everyone both enjoyed the presentation from Daniel as well as took some things away. He has inspired many Rotarian conferences as seen in the keen audience.
As best as I could I tried to capture what each room discussed and I hope I can summarise as well as do your conversations justice……so here goes:
Room 1
Enjoyed having a great conversation (and enjoyed the opportunity to speak with folk that haven’t done so with for a while)
The importance of innovation.
Room 2
The importance of imaging brand and delivering on the brand
The need to do something new & fresh.
Room 3
Innovation and thinking outside the square
The importance of being sustainable.
Room 4
Thought the presentation was terrific and done with youthful idealistic enthusiasm
The link to Bruce Shaw’s ethos of "Just because it has been it doesn’t have to be" (Hope I caught it right Bruce)
The importance of linking fundraising to a goal,
Room 5
The importance of getting the right people engaged and leverage expertise
Put stuff on a board and track.
As we debriefed, Jane talked about the importance of telling people what we are about and what we do / have done.
A few other themes that I caught and value are:
  • Prefacing things with “what if…………….?”
  • Impossibility is an opinion rather than a fact
If you are interested in learning more about Thankyou here is a link to their website
This is a link to a you tube interview which I found enlightening and  thought provoking and can be easily linked to us and what our purpose is:
Should you wish to watch the presentation again, here’s the link
Dave Anderson