Posted by Sam McCurdy:
On Monday 6th February, two powerful earthquakes ravaged Southern Turkey and Northern Syria killing more than 20,000 people. 
The first earthquake (Magnitude 7.8) hit during the night when most people were at home asleep and the second (Magnitude 7.5) hit nine hours later.  Many aftershocks were also experienced.
Numerous buildings and homes have been destroyed, leaving people with little choice but to sleep in the open in fear of more aftershocks.
The powerful aftershocks and freezing winter conditions are hampering rescue efforts. 
Temperatures can drop below freezing point at this time of year in the affected areas of Syria and Turkey, and this will put lives at further risk.
To make matters worse, the region where the earthquakes struck is home to significant numbers of refugees, many displaced by the conflict in Syria. 
Rotary International has a unique working partnership with ShelterBox, providing more families around the world with emergency shelter and aid in times of disaster.
Furthermore, ShelterBox has had experience responding to earthquakes in Turkey before, most notably the 2011 Van earthquake. 
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