Posted by David Button on Mar 17, 2021
I have to say I had a great night out at lawn bowls with my Rotarian friends. The whole event was alive with chatter, laughing and even a bit of cheering! The genuine bowlers were a bit serious in their craft, but they freely shared insight into the game. RC Monbulk supremo Des even brought his tape measure along to keep it real.

It was pleasing to see a few 'youngins' there. Cooper and Caitlyn (Gordyn), Saffron and Hamish (Button) and Cait (Langdon). They all had fun, even with older people. I am sure we are all young at heart, and we are compatible with people of all ages.

The dinner was prepared and served by the Inner Wheel Club of Berwick and was perfect. David Nutter handpicked the peas and ice cream for the dinner too. That's talent right there!
Funno texted me the story for the bulletin but he is a man of few words and I was forced to expand on his meagre offering. We lost, but there is always next year! Peace Out Homeys
What a NIGHT
Russell and Graham made the most of being spectators to the Battle of the Titans!
PP Gus used his feet to step out the winning bowls. 
How did we not win with great technique and style from PP Gus?
That moment when the winning President lets everyone know who won (and it ain't us)!