Posted by Sam McCurdy:
Rotary Club of Berwick President, Ray Martin,
and Vocational Chairman, Laury Gordyn
In 1999:
The Rotary Club of Berwick began this year with the realisation of a dream when Eastern Energy finally set the new Rotary Clock going in the centre of Princes Highway in Berwick.
Club President, Ray Martin, said the clock had been a dream for the Club for more than 10 years and that each year more money was contributed to the project.
"Our slogan for this year is to follow the Rotary dream and this is the case of a Rotary dream coming true."
In 2011:
The clock was then moved to its' current position in Lyall Road in Berwick in 2011, and this caused several operational problems. 
The problems were finally resolved 2020 and the clock is now fully operational.