Stepping out in the new normal
Face to Face meeting
When the new set of eased restrictions become clearer on the 22nd of November, it will make working out the next steps to meeting face to face again easier.
Already Jane, Isobel and Sam have done work on venue options and catering but at this stage, none are able to meet our needs based on the last survey responses of member expectations. Obviously, a new survey needs to be produced and will be coming out in the next few days. It is important for everyone to respond to the survey if they want their views heard.
Cluster Events
Last night, Friday 13th November, I had a meeting with the other Presidents in our Cluster led by our new Assistant Governor Colin Byron (RC Greater Dandenong-Endeavour Hills). Colin is very committed to getting our Cluster clubs working together, as well as learning from each other.
One topic of interest was the use of the Learning Centre for all members to increase their knowledge of Rotary and become more effective Rotarians. RC Berwick has 53% of members with active MyRotary accounts. It was acknowledged that some members will not be interested in MyRotary.
Town Entry signs 
The District 9820 Public Image Group are encouraging Clubs to check their town signage, many of which have out of date information and branding, or have become worn out and tatty.  As an incentive, District are offering a reimbursement of $150 to help clubs upgrade their signage and display the right brand.
The Rotary Club of Casey has made the first move with the production of a new sign for the two town entry posts, which hold signs for all the different clubs in Berwick. They have asked us to join in, as our signs are outdated and need upgrading.
There will be some discussion at the Board about this project at the next Board meeting.
Supporting local business
Jen Marshall created a very entertaining and informative meeting on Wednesday with Pilates instructor and small business owner Kate Boyle.
This was a good example of Rotary doing something in the community to the benefit of a small business and also for the members who attended. We need to be proactive in what we do as Rotarians and even small projects like this make a difference. Good work on this one Jen!
The Christmas Collection has begun!
Posted by Sam McCurdy
The purpose of the Rotary Berwick and District Benevolent Society is to assist disadvantaged members of the community, by supporting local welfare organisations and individuals, including people suffering domestic violence, social disadvantage and homelessness.
To achieve this goal the 'Society' raises funds and collects non-perishable food items, toys, books and sometimes clothes donated by the public.  
Each year before Christmas, we organise the collection of non-perishable food items and toys donated by members of the public at local schools and Supermarkets. 
The donated items are then packed into Christmas hampers by Casey North Community Information Support Service (CNCISS) for distribution to those in need in time for Christmas.
This week Laury Gordyn, Mark Caulfield and Sam McCurdy delivered Collection Cages to local Secondary schools and the Berwick Market Square Supermarket, so the collection has begun!  You can help by adding food items and/or toys into one of the Collection Cages, in time for Christmas.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous for businesses resulting in many job losses, particularly in Melbourne’s South East. Therefore, we anticipate that this year’s distribution of collected items will be welcomed by a greater number of local people in need, particularly children. 
CNCISS welcomes assistance from Rotarians in the packing of the Christmas hampers, so if you are available in December and would like to assist, please contact Susan Magee at
Remembrance Day 2020
Posted by Sam McCurdy
Remembrance Day 2020 marked the 102nd anniversary of the guns falling silent on the Western Front. The ceremonies were vastly different this year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.
Almost 62,000 Australians died in service from 1914 to 1918 in WWI and the conflict, which was called the “war to end all wars” proved to be anything but.  Just over 20 years after the First World War, Australia was again involved in a global conflict, the Second World War, where more than 39,000 Australians lost their lives.
Remembrance Day has expanded over the years to solemnly remember all the fallen men and women who have lost their lives in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping efforts.
In Victoria, the COVID-19 restrictions only allowed up to 10 people to congregate at memorials and local cenotaphs this year. Australians were encouraged to stand quietly on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month for a minute of silent reflection.
'Lest we Forget'
On behalf of the Rotary Club of Berwick, President David Button and Secretary Sam McCurdy placed a wreath at the cenotaph early on the morning of the 11th November, before the small official ceremony at 11:00 am.
COVID-19 Update
Posted by Sam McCurdy
At the time of writing this article, Victoria has successfully gone 14 days with zero new COVID-19 cases and zero associated deaths, affectionately referred to as double doughnuts. 
This means a 14 day average of zero cases and welcome relief from the tough restrictions imposed on Victorians over the last few months.  Let's hope this trend continues!
It is interesting to compare the current Victorian status with that of the rest of the world as follows, although it is acknowledged that the numbers are changing rapidly.
Cases Overview
RegionTotal casesRecoveredDeaths
UK1,317,496No data51,304
End Trachoma: A new project for RCB
It is pretty exciting when a Rotary Club picks up a worthy cause and runs with it. This doesn't happen by magic, all it takes is one person who will champion the cause and then work the Rotary machine to deliver an outcome. Ending Polio is a perfect example of how Rotary changed the world. This project will change the world too!
Our End Trachoma Champion is Jane Moore. Jane will be asking us all to get some supplies to assemble into 45 hygiene kits for Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory.
UPDATE: Jane has received support from Club members for 16 kits so far. This is good progress but we still need support for 29 more. Please contact Jane on if you can add to it. Kits cost $50 or you can shop for the items yourself.

The World Health Organisation has a global goal to eliminate trachoma by 2020. Trachoma is an infectious eye disease that can be prevented with good hygiene practices. But it is still present in remote Aboriginal communities and can lead to permanent blindness.
The work of the Australian Government, the Fred Hollows Foundation and Indigenous Eye Health to treat trachoma infections has seen rates in affected communities reduced substantially. But now, we need to ensure that hygiene practices and the community environments are improved to completely eliminate the disease.
Please have a look at the video and also visit the End Trachoma website: to learn more about how a simple hygiene kit will end Trachoma in Australia.
Issue  20
11th November 2020

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Rotary and its partners have mobilized disease-fighting infrastructure to respond to COVID-19 —while remaining dedicated to eradicating polio


Here’s why these organizations and their Rotary club partners are supporting local women’s entrepreneurship with financial literacy, small business loans, and one-on-one advisors.

ClubRunner Mobile
Pilates with Kate
This week we donned the t-shirts, trackies and sweatbands as it was time to get physical! 
Our presenter was Kate Boyle, a nutritionist, pilates instructor, elite level ballet dancer, podcaster, business owner, mum of two and a local Berwick girl! 
Kate shared her top tips for staying healthy while spending so much time at home, her main points are summarised as:
  1. Keep moving with daily exercise
  2. Eat a healthy diet full of wholefoods including your 5 serves of veggies and 2 serves of fruit a day
  3. Take care of your mental health 
Kate then got us moving with some gentle exercises in our chairs and then standing. This quick 10 minutes stretch routine can be done throughout the day when we find ourselves spending long periods of time sitting in our chairs. The routine is attached to the newsletter for those that want a simple program to follow.
For those interested in attending a pilates class check out Kate's business , or for those who prefer to work out at home around a busy schedule, Kate also has an online health and wellness membership too. 
This presentation was part of the club's 'Support a local business' initiative. We were able to raise $95 on the night from attendance fees which will go towards paying Kate for the evening and help continue our program to support local businesses recovering from the shutdown period. 
Thank you to our sponsors.