Buskers Chance
This Wednesday we will have a chance to support a person who is out of work just because he works in an industry impacted by COVID restrictions. His name is Simon Paparo and he is a friend of Jen Marshall. Simon is a busker and was voted as the 3rd best busker in Melbourne which is a pretty big deal in this day and age.
Simon is an experiment! He is getting paid for his gig at the club and it is up to all of us to decide whether to support him or not. In fact, there are many more people and businesses that could do with a helping hand at the moment. Individually we are not much help, but together we are strong. We are strong when we have confidence in our club to produce a good night out and we can test that confidence by inviting our friends to be part of the experience. Our recent 'Guess who's coming to Dinner' event was also an experiment and we know we can pull a crowd if we work at it. See you all there.
Outstanding Rotary Speakers from the comfort of home
Welcome from Zone 8 Conference Convenor, Noel Trevaskis
I would like to welcome you to our first Virtual Conference for Australia and New Zealand. This is due to the fact we aren’t able to go to Alice Springs as planned due to COVID-19. This gives us an exciting opportunity for all Rotarians to participate in this conference, for which registration is free.

The array of presenters is first class plus you will be able to experience what is happening in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. This conference is one not to miss, it will be historic.

I would encourage Rotary Clubs to have their Rotary meeting on the Saturday or Sunday or both days and watch the conference live (between 11.30AM AEST and 1.00PM AEST each day on the 19th and 20th of September).

Organise a brunch, lunch or afternoon tea and share the experience.

While this year has been challenging we can still celebrate Rotary and let Rotary open opportunities!

I hope to see you on the 19th and 20th September!

Noel Trevaskis is the Convenor of the 2020 Rotary Zone 8 (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific) Virtual Conference.

The Programme

Thanks for watching!
Last Wednesday we were very privileged to hear Paramedic Darren Hodge tell the story behind his book A Life on a Line. I know I was enthralled with all the technical stuff as well as the underlying human story. Our audience was diverse and equally engaged with Darren's story.
It was really encouraging to have so many different people join us and that we were able to be accepting hosts. I do hope we have many more opportunities to have our friends, family and colleagues join us at a Rotary meeting so we can practice being inclusive and welcoming. A few jokes from Funno and Nutter never go astray!
So the question on everyone's lips is where do we get Darren's book? The answer is HERE: On this page, you have the option of either an eBook or paperback. Cost is around $25.
Scammer alert
Cybercriminals are spoofing Australian mobile numbers and pretending to be from an Australian Government agency, delivery company or business, manipulating the individual to gain access to their device.
Alert status HIGH
What’s happened? When a scammer rings Sandi Tarrant and says the Police are on the way to arrest her unless she pushes a number on her phone you know there is going to be trouble! Fortunately, Sandi just hung up and did nothing apart from having a quiet heart attack that she had done something wrong. Hanging up immediately is the best way to protect yourself in this situation. Generally, they will not ring back, but occasionally they might. If they do, still just hang up and block their number. This and many other scams have been going on a lot lately and it is time to become familiar with some of the types of scams around. 

The Australian Cyber Security Centre and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch have received an increased number of reports in the last five days of remote access scams. Members of the public have reported receiving calls from cybercriminals pretending to be from telecommunication companies, government agencies including the Department of Home Affairs, and parcel delivery companies.
A majority of the calls have been reported by people living in areas that have been locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting cybercriminals may be preying on people who are more vulnerable, housebound and easy to contact.    
Where victims have handed over personal details, the cyber criminals are then using legitimate remote access applications, like Team Viewer or Zoho Assist, to gain access to people’s devices. They then log into your bank account and online accounts, and steal your details for financial gain. 
Does it affect me?
Cybercriminals are cold calling people, so anyone can receive one of these calls, regardless of whether you have any usual dealings with the business being impersonated.
Issue  11
9th September 2020

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What can I say about our older Rotarians getting out their "Blasts from the Past" at last week's meeting!
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