Issue  34
23rd March 2022
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March is Water and Sanitation Month
Clean water is a basic need for human beings. When people, especially children, have access to clean water, they live healthier and more productive lives.
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Saturday morning coffee
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Mar 26, 2022
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Visit to Disaster Aid Warehouse
Mar 30, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Mock Interviews Day 1 @ Nossal High School
Mar 31, 2022
10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Mock Interviews Day 2 @ Nossal High School
Apr 01, 2022
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
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Interview with Todd “Bowtie” Jenkins – Rotary Club of Fayetteville, Arkansas – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force member.


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The power of the MEETING
Throughout my journey as "The President" I have been confronted by the reason why we should have a weekly meeting by different members.  Why do we need a venue? Why do we need a meal? Why do we need structure in the agenda?  
We have all been in meetings that don’t seem to have any purpose. You attend because you were invited and felt you should go but find the purpose of the meeting isn’t clear and the meeting itself doesn’t create any meaningful outcomes.
I have looked at other clubs that have wandered down different meeting paths to create meetings with meaningful outcomes. The project meeting is one often talked about as the best type of meeting. It is kind of like a Facebook story where you have to paint a super bright picture of how good it looks but in reality, it isn't a true representation. Someone or a group of people need to create that perfect project meeting and while I would love to be that person who goes to help out, there is still a lot of background work to keep that model alive.
In my own personal experience across a number of different organisations, the meeting is the common pivot point where you (as an individual) can start, opt-in, opt-out, join, contribute to, be asked to join, develop or progress a project. The meeting focuses the person's attention on the organisation, its expectations and a project's outcome. Rotary is a very dynamic model and can do a vast array of projects.
If the club is purely a social club, who needs a meeting! Just show up to whatever you feel like or not at all.
If the club is vibrant and well populated with motivated members that may have several projects on the go then a more frequent meeting schedule is required.
If many of the Club members are still working, another meeting in a sea of meetings isn't going to cut it. A different type of meeting is called for with an element of unwinding to switch from high-pressure professional to focused and resourceful volunteer. A weekly meeting over a meal allows for the unwinding stage followed by the engaging stage. A quiet and private space is also required to allow effective communication. If the club has four members, a booth at the local diner would work. Our Club won't fit into a booth (although some nights, it could!)
When I visited the Rotary Club of Guernsey in 2005 that had a pre-dinner meeting, I did feel their style of meeting missed something. England was playing Australia in cricket at the time (and at the meeting on the pub tv) and we were doing ok, so I did have to keep my head low. What I really mean is the unwind factor. Fortunately, I got an invite from the Chief Public Health Officer for dinner at his place and that's where I got the real insight into Rotary at that Club and the Island too. 
Getting in the mood to engage, contribute, move ahead, get social, be yourself, value add to the club. As individuals, we are only building bricks, together we can build something. The meeting is the mortar that binds us together.
I will go one step further on this topic to say that I love to hear what each person has been doing over their week. Sure some weeks are boring as for some people, but most weeks there is always something new. I love our venue, I enjoy my dinner (I was brought up to be grateful for anything, even Magic with Leftovers) and our club has some fascinating members. I hope that we all can enjoy and appreciate the value and strength we have in our club from our active members, our venue, our program and our projects.
Rotary is only as good as the efforts we all put into it under the conditions the meeting structures allow. Engaging meetings don’t feel like meetings. They draw you into the topic and encourage healthy participation. 
Spoilt for Choice
We are going to have a Banger of a week in Rotary THIS WEEK if all the stars align and the Gods are kind. We have a diverse range of choices we can make to make a difference to someone this week.
Coming off the back of a wonderful afternoon watching The DUKE and having a very chatty and entertaining dinner last Saturday quickly followed by an equally enjoyable Lawn Bowling experience on Wednesday, we have it all going on. 
THIS Sunday 27th March there is a fabulous presentation about Rotary Public Image by Zone 8 Public Image Chair Roslyn Tierney.
If you were at the District 9820 Conference you will have met Roslyn and felt her passion for getting the Rotary message out in the community. I have already seen a preview of the presentation (since I am part of the District 9820 Public Image Team) and it is well worth a look for those who want Rotary to be a dominant service organisation in the City of Casey.
Rotary can do so much amazing stuff from ending the world of the crippling disease Polio, making a school a better place to attend, recognising potential leaders in the trades, pumping up the tyres for the petrol heads and promoting the work Rotary can do in the world. Register HERE Starts at Noon.
All we need to know is how to present our Rotary story to our community and find like-minded people who share our passion.
Monday, the Presentation Ball practices continue. As you can see from Leader David Anderson's report, the team has pulled it all together but there is always room for more volunteers to learn the ropes. This is a long term (decades!) fundraising project of the Rotary Club of Berwick and it is also an important strategic partnership with Berwick College. Our work helps us but also contributes to the financial goals of the College. Long story short, our efforts make a long-lasting and significant contribution to the school and its students. 
Wednesday we have a visit to Disaster Aid Australia There is a limit of 20 for a fully catered meeting costing only 20 bucks. At writing, we have 6 booked! Disaster Aid Australia is a very important part of our water purification strategy for our third world projects. Currently, the Rotary Club of Berwick is part of a major clean water project in the Philipines using Disaster Aid Skyhydrants across six sites. If you really want to learn about the power of Rotary in the clean water space, this is a meeting you should be at.
Thursday AND Friday make a difference to a Nossal student by putting them through a Mock Interview. Let's face it, getting in a little practice before a real job interview will give anyone a better chance at scoring their dream job the first time around. Rotarians are professional people of experience and that is why this project fits so well in the community. If you are available, let Sam know!
Saturday a couple of us have a quiet meeting with Jarrod Flanigan to flesh out a new Vocational Awards project. We need staple projects that our Club is known for. I am sure that this project will get some legs and propel our Club into the mainstream of the community. Jarrod is our guide and if you were at his Club presentation, you would have seen his passion for this project. If you feel like getting on board at the ground level, now is your chance. Contact The President on if you would like to attend.
Sunday! I feel the NEED. The need for SPEED! Sunday I am looking forward to parking cars. I am no petrol head, but I would like to be part of a bigger Rotary family and gain some experiences in a project I have no experience in. Rotary is about the experience and who knows, I might learn something new! LIKE the Police version of the Holden Interceptor didn't have power windows!
What a week we have ahead! It is great to be part of an organisation willing to wake up and get on with the big picture after a bit of a COVID sleep. The Rotary Club of Berwick members ARE leaders in our community, for this week at least.
I hope every member has already signed up for at least one activity for this week.
Berwick College Presentation Ball update
Things are progressing well with the Presentation Balls for 2022.
Summary of position as at Thursday 24 March
  • 4 Practice sessions completed................... attended by Sam McCurdy, Russell Fellows, Andrew Somers and me……….. Great Team Effort
  • Next Practice Session Monday 28 March - Me and Russell to attend
  • Suits hire arranged - Thanks Jane Moore for taking the lead with this
  • Flowers (Deb & Partner) arranged and will be available for pick up after 28 April. really nice looking / well matched to suits & vests
  • 70 Debs / Partners booked and paid
  • 226 Guest tickets booked and paid
  • Band Booked for both nights
  • Photographer and videographer both booked
There are a few other things to attend to, but what we are looking for are the following:
  1. 10 Rotarians to attend on either the 18th of May or 19th of May (or both) to help with placing of programs on tables, handing out of flowers to participants and welcoming guests on the night. There may be other things but these are the critical few. Times are still a little rubbery but probably a few there from say mid -afternoon with the rest from say 6 p.m. Your meal is naturally included. Actual times will be shared closer to the events.
  2. Someone to act as Master of Ceremonies on the 18th or 19th.
If you are available to help out, the events are in the Club Calendar allowing you to register there, call me on 0418 207 421, email me at or
chat to me at any of our get togethers, or even send me a text.
Follow up of Clean Up Australia Day
Last year our Rotary Club participated in Clean Up Australia Day with the local cub group and it was pleasing to see the enthusiasm of the local cubs group who echoed the ideals of the founder of the day, Ian Kernan.

This year, the cubs were otherwise occupied but the Rotary Club of Berwick collected 111 kg of rubbish, recyclables and litter. The club enjoyed a purposeful morning in the park but it was disappointing that the amount of rubbish was unchanged over the previous year.
The Clean up Australia Day Council commits a significant range of resources such as printed materials, first aid kits, collection bags and safety gear plus the local council collects and disposes of the rubbish.

Now, take a step back or two to look at the project. The amount of rubbish collected has not reduced over the previous year. The cost of collection , taking into account kits and gear from CU Australia Day Council and Casey Council would be well over $1,000 per tonne. All too woke.
The law of averages says that in the week after the clean up the first 5kg of litter would be dumped in the park because there is a lack of civic awareness. No guilt feelings, no punishment, so litterers do it simply because they can. Sadly, the days when it was bad manners to eat in front of others at the shops or in public are long gone. So is he guilty for discarding of litter.

It would be difficult to suddenly apply penalties such as in Singapore where a lolly wrapper is a $300 fine and severe penalties can be thousands plus a maximum of 8 lashes of the cane!

Remember back to the “Life be in it “ campaign with Norm? It occurred simultaneously with community awareness of fitness, gyms in every suburb, cycling tracks, jogging as a pastime, home gyms, increased sport participation and taking the dog for a walk.
Let’s all lobby the Clean Up Australia Day to do some purposeful advertising to supplement or even replace the expensive kits etc. We may even tackle graffiti elimination!
Successful 'End Polio' Fundraiser
Last Saturday night at the movies was all for a good cause!
The 'End Polio Now' pre-release movie fundraiser, hosted by the Rotary Club of Berwick on behalf of the Melbourne South East- Cardinia cluster of Rotary clubs, raised net $1,550.00!
After viewing the film, forty of the guests gathered for dinner at La Collina Pizzeria restaurant in Belgrave.  This provided the opportunity for interesting conversation and to compare notes.
THANK YOU to everyone involved! All 113 people who bought tickets, or donated in lieu. 
A special thanks to the Cameo Cinema, Belgrave, who were incredibly generous in hosting us at the special COVID hire rate.
The funds will be donated to the Rotary 'End Polio Now' campaign.
You have collectively made a difference to the lives of others!
Mock Interviews at Nossal High School
Mock Interviews will be conducted at Nossal High School (NHS) from 10:00am – 1:00pm on Thursday 31st March and 9:00am – noon on Friday 1st April.
At this stage, we have 8 Interviewers identified for both days with approximately 100 Year-11 students to be interviewed each day.  We are hoping that the Rotary Club of Narre Warren can provide a couple of people to assist us, as they have done in the past.
If you are available to assist at either session, please contact me ASAP, at .
For those who have already registered to assist, I recommend that you attend the NHS reception desk at least 15 minutes before the session begins, to check in. 
Make sure that you bring your 'Working with Children' card, in case it is needed.
'People in Action' webinar
Zone 8 Assistant Public Image Coordinator Roslyn Teirney will be running an online public image webinar on behalf of the Zone Public Image team, which will show you how our People of Action campaign can help 'IMAGINE' what's possible in our communities and highlight what we can achieve when community leaders join Rotary.
Details: 27 March 12-1 pm AEDST, 2-3pm NZT
All Holden Car Show
The Rotary Club of Greater Dandenong and Endeavour Hills is about to run their biggest fundraiser for the year, which is the 'All Holden Car Show.' It will be held on Sunday April 3rd at Greaves Reserve (Bennet St) Dandenong.
Volunteers are required to help park the show and judged cars (over 150+) starting at 7am and ending at approximately 10.00am (when judging commences). This is a great opportunity for our members to get out in the open and wave the Rotary Club of Berwick colours and support one of our Cluster Clubs. I am sure we have some Petrol Heads in our Club although David Nutter might prefer Fords! If we get enough people RC Dandenong-Endeavour Hills will sling us some cash, but this is more about promoting Rotary in the community and having a ringside seat at the best Holden Car Show this side of Melbourne!
Anyone that helps can stay for the remainder of the day (finishes around 3pm), as they have trophy presentations, food trucks, sponsor stands, children’s activities and a band.
Address: Greaves Reserve, Bennet Street, Dandenong VIC
Time: Judged cars need to be parked up by 9.30am to allow judging to occur. Public are welcome from 10am
If you can help, please contact Jen Marshall at as soon as possible so she can pass on the numbers. We already have three members booked to help which is pretty good since we haven't advertised it yet!  
Thank you to our sponsors.