Issue  29
8th February 2023
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BOM - Gus Dominguez
The Beaconsfield Club
Feb 15, 2023
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Travel Guide Partners night: Northern Territory
The Beaconsfield Club
Feb 22, 2023
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
D9820 District Conference
Feb 24, 2023 – Feb 26, 2023
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Co-President's Report 8-2-23
Posted by Co-President Jack Kraan:
Our first meeting back at Holm Park for 2023 proved to be a great start to the year. 
Congratulations to Michele Somers, our newest Rotarian, who was inducted at the commencement of the meeting by Co-President Geoff.
31 members and guests were in attendance which is a healthy number.  Hopefully, we can maintain at least these numbers throughout the rest of the year.
Our guest presenters at the meeting were Susan Magee and Helen Small from Casey North Community Information Support Services (CNCISS). 
Susan gave an excellent presentation on the services they offer and also disturbing facts about the issues they see within our local community.
Our Club has been a strong supporter of CNCISS over the years.  It is obvious that the need in our community is now greater than ever. 
We call on all our members to give thought to, and make suggestions, as to what our Club can do to assist CNCISS in their endeavours.
Co-President Geoff and I have briefly discussed investigating whether Donations in Kind may have items in stock that may be useful. More to come on this.
All members would have received an email originating from President Elect, Dave Anderson, with a series of survey questions. 
I encourage you to complete this survey so that Dave and the Board can take your views into account when planning for the year ahead.
Induction of Michele Somers
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
Michele Somers was inducted as a member by Co-President Geoff Double, at Wednesday's Club meeting.
She is the wife of our Treasurer, Andrew Somers, and like him was formerly a member of Rotaract.
Michele has been assigned the classification of 'Education Administration' and Di Double will be her mentor.
We welcome Michele as our newest member.
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
At the meeting on Wednesday, our guest speakers were the outgoing (Susan Magee) and incoming (Helen Small) Executive Officers of Casey North Community Information & Support Services (CNCISS).
Susan has been the Executive Officer of the organisation since it was founded 25 years ago.
(L to R) Helen Small and Susan Magee
Our club has had a long association with CNCISS through the Rotary Berwick and District Benevolent Society, where we have regularly supported them with financial contributions and the annual ‘Christmas Appeal’ collection of toys and non-perishable food.
As background, Susan explained that the City of Casey has the highest population growth and multicultural mix in Victoria.  It also has the highest number of people on JobSeeker and Newstart programs.
She provided a summary of the types of support that the CNCISS staff (16) and volunteers (16) offer the community.  All volunteers are required to undertake a 6-week training course.
Financial debt is becoming increasingly problematic and is exacerbated by the 'Buy now, pay later' scheme.  Last year, CNCISS distributed $420,522 between 1,445 families in need.
Susan acknowledged that the distribution of Christmas hampers to those in need could not occur without the support provided by the Rotary Berwick & District Benevolent Society. 
On behalf of the Club, Trevor Watson congratulated Susan on her work and wished her well in her retirement. 
He also assured Helen of the Club's ongoing support in her new role as Executive Officer.
Clean Up Australia Day 2023
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
Projects Director, Jen Marshall, advises us that the 2023 Clean Up Australia Day will take place on Sunday 5th March.
Buchanan Park in Clyde Road (Opposite McDonalds) will be the chosen venue for our clean up this year again.
Mary McIvor will register the Club with the City of Casey as a Clean Up Australia team and coordinate the activity.
As in previous years, a breakfast will be sponsored by the City of Casey, for participants.
Note the date and join us in this very worthy cause.
Disaster in Syria and Turkey
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
On Monday 6th February, two powerful earthquakes ravaged Southern Turkey and Northern Syria killing more than 20,000 people. 
The first earthquake (Magnitude 7.8) hit during the night when most people were at home asleep and the second (Magnitude 7.5) hit nine hours later.  Many aftershocks were also experienced.
Numerous buildings and homes have been destroyed, leaving people with little choice but to sleep in the open in fear of more aftershocks.
The powerful aftershocks and freezing winter conditions are hampering rescue efforts. 
Temperatures can drop below freezing point at this time of year in the affected areas of Syria and Turkey, and this will put lives at further risk.
To make matters worse, the region where the earthquakes struck is home to significant numbers of refugees, many displaced by the conflict in Syria. 
Rotary International has a unique working partnership with ShelterBox, providing more families around the world with emergency shelter and aid in times of disaster.
Furthermore, ShelterBox has had experience responding to earthquakes in Turkey before, most notably the 2011 Van earthquake. 
Please donate today to help ShelterBox provide lifesaving aid for families affected by the disaster.    DONATE
2023 Presentation Balls 
Posted by David Anderson:
This year marks the 38th year that we have been involved in organising the Berwick College Presentation Balls. The good news is that we are well advanced in the planning phase for this year and are about to get into 'Action Time'. 
David Anderson will coordinate the Balls on behalf of the Club, assisted by our newest member Michele Somers.
Dance practice begins on Monday 27th February in the Performing Arts building at the college.  Key dance practice dates to note are:
1 - Monday 27th February2 - Monday 6th March
3 - Tuesday 14th March4 - Monday 20th March
5 - Monday 27th March6 - Monday 3rd April
7 - Monday 24th April8 - Monday 1st May
9 - Monday 8th May at The Grand10 - Monday 15th May
The Presentation Balls will be held on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th May at The Grand, Cathies Lane in Wantirna.
We are looking for volunteers to help us with the following:
  • Attend practice sessions to help set up audio equipment and to help liaise with College organiser
  • Attend the Presentation Balls on 17th & 18th May to help with setup of the venue and to welcome ticketed guests
We have already had a couple of offers of assistance and now is the time to finalise the practice schedule so that we can be prepared and to share with the dance teachers and college co-ordinators.
If you can help with any of the above could you please email David Anderson andersonfam@internode.on.net with the dates and times that you are able to help. We’ll then complete and share the practice schedules with all.
Likewise if you are available and can help on either or both Presentation Ball nights, your early indication will help and if you could email David that would be helpful.
I would also like to call out the tremendous help we’ve been offered with ticketing and lead up assistance by both Michele Somers and Isobel Caulfield. Thank you.
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