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After working 15 years as a Helicopter Paramedic, Darren tells what it is like to be on the end of a life line. He provides open and honest reports, warts and all, in his presentation.
This is an unflinching account of how it feels to pluck people from imminent death, but includes some laughs along the way. In his own words, he believes that the job of a Paramedic is one of extremes, involving extreme situations that can provoke extreme emotions.


Book Synopsis
I joined the Ambulance Service in 1987 to become a Paramedic. A blonde tipped, mullet wearing immature 21-year old. After almost 30 years’ service including 15 years working on the Ambulance helicopter, I would describe the world of a Paramedic as a job of extremes, extreme situations that provoke extreme emotions.
My goal in writing ‘A Life on the Line’ is to share with the reader some of the more memorable experiences of my career and to provide some insight into the paramedic profession.  Experiences that include:- being caught in up the Bali bombing whilst trying to get married. The Black Saturday fires that ravaged Victoria and the heart-warming life and death struggle of William, a 3-year-old boy critically injured in a quad bike accident, to name a few. 
The book will also delve into the personal battle of surviving Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a horrific journey that tested my very being. The process of writing the book proved to be cathartic in managing the emotional toll of this job, that at times can be demanding in the extreme. I credit the journey with saving my career after being severely challenged after a particularly nasty case.
My ultimate goal for the reader is to laugh, cry and despair at some the short stories. I want you to be inspired, frustrated, angry and warmed by this personal account that is at times confronting.
This is a no holds barred, warts and all account that will not only put the reader into the shoes of a Paramedic but also discusses the extreme range of emotions that come hand in hand with this profession. 

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