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The Beaconsfield Club
100 Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd
Beaconsfield, VIC 3807

Tonight our guest speaker is Dr Michael Beech.

Michael is a general practitioner who has worked in suburban Melbourne for many years. He decided to have a late career change and has spent the last two years working in Alice Springs. He started in a conventional general practice clinic, but for his second year in Alice worked for the aboriginal health service CONGRESS. They are an outstanding organisation and have clinics in Alice Springs and on various communities. Many of the patients he saw and treated were people who live on communities, but visit Alice Springs for medical care. He was also involved of course with aboriginal people who live in Alice Springs and in the town camps.

From a personal point of view he says he had quite a steep learning curve as the central Australian Alice aboriginal population have a completely different set of medical issues to the people he was used to treating. A lot of their problems are based around nutrition poverty and the difficult Issues for them of adjusting to white society. 
Michael will be speaking about these issues and looks forward to also sharing some photographs he took of the beautiful desert and McDonald Ranges.

Year 12 Berwick College, Ryan Speller will be coming along to tell us about his National Youth Science Forum experience. He was the RC Berwick sponsored candidate and the experience was held over 10 days in January.  The program was changed to virtual due to the high number of COVID cases. It will be interesting to learn from Ryan how it went and if any physical program is planned for when case numbers settle down.

The National Youth Science Forum is a keenly sort after program for students obsessed with science. It aims to give students a head start with building a network, selecting the right university pathway, giving a preview to future job opportunities in science as well as delving into the exciting world of scientific discovery.