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Tonight we will be watching a video presentation from Ann Lee Hussey.

Ann Lee Hussey has made the eradication of polio and the alleviation of suffering by polio survivors her life’s work. She has shared her story hundreds of times, carrying the message of PolioPlus around the Rotary world and beyond, raising money and creating new converts to the fight. 

She was only 17 months old when she contracted polio, three months after the public release of the disease’s vaccine in 1955. Following years of physical therapy, multiple surgeries and braces, Ann Lee walks with limitations, and has spent the past 20 years travelling internationally to save other children from the crippling effects of the disease.

She is determined that no child will needlessly suffer what she herself has been through.

With Rotary World Polio Day coming up on October 24th this is a chance to focus our attention on this great Rotary Initiative.

A number of club members are participating in Rotary Walk With Us to End Polio as part of the Berwick Rotary Boomers and Shakers Team.

Click on the link below to join or support the team in this great initiative.

Rotary Berwick Boomers and Shakers