Club History

Rotary International was founded by Paul Harris in 1905 in Chicago. The concept did not take long to come to Australia, with the first Rotary Club in Melbourne started in 1921.

The Rotary Club of Berwick was chartered the 3rd of May 1961 at the Berwick Inn. We are privileged to still have a charter member who is still a member of the Club - Past President Bill Minns.

International Projects the Club has been involved with:

  • Construction of a hospital in the Indonesian island of Halmahera
  • Youth Exchange Program
  • Group Study Exchange
  • FAIM trips (providing expertise and labour) to Fiji, Tonga, and New Guinea.

Berwick Community Projects:

  • Berwick Cemetery Gazebo
  • Five PROBUS Clubs
  • Berwick Farmers Market
  • Seats, Tables, electric BBQ and Shelter at Buchanan Park
  • Debutant Balls for the Berwick Secondary College
  • Bridge at Wilson Botanic Park
  • Reg Kurll Park Lookout
  • Vocational Awards
  • Oncology Chairs at St John of God Hospital
  • Rotary Clock Tower
  • Australia Day celebrations at Pioneer Park
  • Annual Charity Dinner
  • Golf Days
  • Red Cross and Salvation Army Collections
  • Annual Cemetery Cleanup
  • Seats around the City of Berwick
  • Pioneer Park Rotunda - Centennial Project.