Below is a recent report on what is happening with the Hospital Rotary helped to start, but other funding entities are helping to progress.

·       All scheduled clinic days, tuberculosis and leprosy teams operated between January and June 2014.
·       6,226 patients have been seen in the 6 months ended 30 June 2014. This is approximately 50% up on any of the previous years since record taking commenced.
·       HIV/AIDS work continues to grow at an alarming rate.
·       Hohidiai school is doing well. A senior teacher from Australia have been recruited. There is an urgent need for more teachers.  A prep class has been opened in Tobelo and is full.
·       13 local staff are undertaking university/further training.
·       The number of patients seen in the first six months of 2014 represent the highest figure since record-keeping began nine years ago. The ministry continues to grow.
·       Medical training continues across a range of disciplines such as medicine and nursing.  There are three doctors-in-training, two in dentistry, two in nursing, two in midwifery, one as a laboratory assistant and one in accounting.
·       Good progress has been made on the Hohidiai school site near Tobelo. Earthworks on the school site plus work on an access road has been carried out.
·       The new Emergency building is being utilised.
·       Long term visas have finally been obtained for a teacher and for Peter & Esther Scarborough. The Yayasan registration has also been completed.
·       An examination of the financial records for 2013 (not a formal audit) was carried out by a US based CPA. The report written was very positive.
·       Challenges
·       With the increase in patient numbers and a decline in the first six months of 2014 in donations we have had to cut back on food and wages. Staff have willingly taken pay cuts and have also willingly accepted the decline in food standards.  We also temporarily closed two wards which have since been re-opened.
·       Plans for next six months:
·       Continue to expand the farm planting project to help the base become more self-reliant.
·       Plan a HIV/AIDS hospital. Construct two more temporary acute AIDS “huts” near the ward.
·       Develop a civil conflict contingency plan. (well under way)