Indonesian project: “Klinik Hohidai.Proposed building

The Rotary club of Berwick has identified a significant humanitarian support opportunity in a remote area of Indonesia.
Indonesia is our most significant neighbour and has a growing Rotary presence. Our district is committed to supporting our sister organizations in Indonesia and in building stronger links with the clubs there.
Our project will be based on the island of Halmahera which is a northern island of Indonesia.
The Beneficiary:
Klinik Hohidiai is a medical outpost setup in a remote corner of Indonesia by accountant Peter Scarborough and his wife Esther who is a nurse. They visited this region of Indonesia in 2000 to look at the refugee crisis at the time and run some mobile clinics in refugee camps in Sulawesi. The needs there were huge, so they relocated their family to Halmahera, where they are now.
Peter and Esther work within an Indonesian organization, but they’re largely supported by International Friends of Compassion, USA and by CNEC Partners International [Australia]. They hold Christian values and beliefs but do not discriminate between Muslims and Christians in their service.Tumours
Peter and Esther focus on medical services for the poor. They treat all manner of disease and injury including serious burns, malaria, tuberculosis, leprosy and numerous other maladies. They do this in rudimentary facilities with little outside help.
LeprosyKlinik Hohidai is located near the town of Tobelo in North Halmahera. The clinic can be reached by road and is about 30 minutes drive south of Tobelo. Travel to the site is via the city of Manado on the island of Sulawesi. Manado can be reached by air from Melbourne via Singapore, Jakarta or Denpassar. From Manado, travel is either by air to Ternate or Tobelo, or by overnight ferry to Tobelo. Recommended travel routes being prepared.
The primary need is for a hospital ward building. At present many serious medical cases are sent back to their villages for the want of suitable accommodation. Currently Peter and Esther work from a clinic which they built on the site. It now has a floor, but is not yet glazed. There are other supporting buildings, but all are rudimentary. More critical equipment needs include an x-ray machine and ambulance. However there is a long list of deficiencies, which also include water wells and sundry hospital equipment.
Our project.
The aim is to attack the needs all of the hospital on several fronts with the object of meeting their immediate needs during the 2006/7 year, followed by an ongoing support program over the following years. In respect to the immediate needs, a project volunteers group will be formed to get the hospital ward building erected. In parallel with this work, a matching grant program will be initiated to supply an x-ray machine, ambulance and water wells as well as sundry equipment through the Donations in Kind program.
In future years further building works are planned and additional support for other Rotary programs will be investigated.
Patient accommodation ward at the Klinik Hohidai is to provide:
Four ward rooms containing a total of 16 beds, with a bathroom to each ward
one isolation room with bathroom
one nurses room with bathroom.
One linen laundry room.
One patient laundry room.
One meeting room.
One medicine storage room.
One pan room.
One delivery suite.
One kitchen.
One dining area