Who is the Client: Yayasan Berkati Indonesia
Esther, an Australian registered nurse & husband Peter first visited this region of Indonesia in 2000. The needs they met were huge. They moved from Sulawesi to Halmahera about Four years ago. They have five children and foster another four. Some live with them apart from two sons who are in Melbourne.
The medical arm of the organisation is largely supported by International Friends of Compassion USA and by CNEC Partners International (Australia).
"Yayasan Berkati Indonesia“ (Bless Indonesia Today) is an Indonesian organisation that grew in response to humanitarian needs in Eastern Indonesia and also works in places such as Aceh and in Yogyakarta in response to natural disasters there. They hold Christian values and beliefs but do not discriminate between Muslims and Christians in their service.
The Scarborough’s focus is on medical services for the poor across the Island.
•Cataract operations
•Staff support (wages, food etc)
•Staff training (eg Emon & Rudy)
•Staff accommodation (buildings)
•Clinic carpark (now complete)
•Patient Ward (under construction)
•Tuberculosis village building fund (not started)
•TB ministry funds
•Leprosy ministry funds
•Education fund - university fees
•Patient surgery fees
Leprosy village building fund (not started)
•Children's home building fund
•Children's home operating costs
•Clean water ministry funds (currently building bio sand filters)
•General ministry funds (transport, admin, other medical & water ministry costs etc)
•General building funds
•Car Replacement fund
•Glasses fund
•Education fund - school children
•Farming fund (fruit trees, farmhand wages, pigs, cows, goats, fencing, farmbuildings etc etc)