Posted by Sam McCurdy on Jul 22, 2018
David Button, Geoff and Di Double, Roger Thornton, Greg Peck (RC Pakenham), Doug Hemmingway (RC Port Melbourne) and David Dippie (RC Keilor and Donations in Kind)  visited Balibo in June 2018.
Rotary Club of Berwick has been part of some amazing things in the Balibo area. We have been part of creating a Dental Clinic within the Balibo House building and fitting out a Convention Centre which was built through funding by the Victorian Government. Our Club has been actively involved with Donations in Kind pickups (some of which are now in Balibo) and also purchasing exercise books, pens and pencils for overseas schools.
 Everything that we have put money towards and the help we have given has been gratefully received and most of all appreciated beyond belief. Timor Leste is a young country. There are not a lot of older people as most were killed in recent conflicts. They are working hard to rebuild their country and are very proud of it! Many countries and many charities are also helping Timor Leste rebuild. They have a mammoth task ahead from infrastructure to education and health. Rotary is only one in a sea of helpers but we have been recognised which is great to see.
Rotary is still one of the few organisations that give the broadest range of opportunities for members to help people in need. I'm pretty happy to be a Rotarian. I have seen what Rotary can do!